Harnessing innovation, elevating safety standards.

NSP is the smoke control and ventilation specialist for high-rise buildings. We design, install, maintain and certify ‘turnkey’ smoke control and ventilation systems, keeping individuals and families safe as they live and work. It’s smarter smoke protection. By design.


Championing rigorous compliance

If a smoke protection or ventilation system isn’t fully compliance tested, then it isn’t safe. Customers trust us to navigate a complex regulatory landscape. We are committed to ensuring that every product and system not only meets but exceeds the industry’s regulatory standards. We are dedicated to providing solutions that are consistently reliable, thoroughly tested, and designed to align with the latest safety regulations and best practices.

Sector focus

High-rise residential

High-rise residential buildings represent the challenge of ensuring rapid smoke evacuation and maintaining breathable air, critical for occupant safety and structural integrity during emergencies. We are experts at designing, installing and maintaining advanced smoke control and ventilation systems that carefully balance safety and compliance requirements, with the need to maximise development profitability.

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Sector focus


Protecting shopping centres and retail environments poses significant technical, regulatory and operational challenges, necessitating well-designed smoke ventilation systems that enable the smoke-free and safe evacuation of occupants from all levels. Our expertise ensures systems blend into the building structure, remaining concealed until needed.

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Sector focus

Car parks

Whether new-build developments or remedial projects, car parks require robust smoke control and ventilation systems that address their unique challenges.

With confined spaces, limited natural airflow, and potentially hazardous fumes, you need a specialist partner who can guide you on the stringent safety and compliance regulations, helping you tackle the dual responsibility of ensuring efficient smoke extraction in the event of a fire, and maintaining day-to-day air quality.

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Highly-compliant design, installation and maintenance of advanced smoke control and ventilation systems.

Early-stage building design

FUMO’s consulting support creates clear, unambiguous specifications for the integration of advanced smoke ventilation systems at the building design stage. It provides you with the compliance assurance you need to progress from initial building design, through to planning application and construction.

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System design & installation

VentGuard delivers every aspect of smoke control and ventilation in high-rise buildings, delivering turnkey packages that prioritise safety and compliance. We combine in-depth regulatory knowledge with the curation of the latest technologies from across the smoke ventilation ecosystem. VentGuard provides you with access to the latest thinking, design ideas, components and control systems.

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Service & maintenance

VentGuard’s ‘manufacturer agnostic’ approach ensures our operation and maintenance expertise extends to all technologies across the smoke ventilation ecosystem. Whether servicing and maintaining systems we’ve installed, or taking on an existing system, our flexible maintenance contracts help to deliver lower total cost of ownership.

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Working across the whole value chain

Collaborating with with building owners, developers, architects, consultants and M&E contractors, our comprehensive, ‘whole life’ approach means we provide support at all stages of the development’s lifecycle – from design, to specification, construction and the on-going life of the building.

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