A typical MSVS system is located within a protected lobby and is attached to a rising smoke shaft or fire-rated ductwork system with a fan set at the shaft’s head.

Systems often allow extended travel distances within the lobby and generally consist of a rooftop fan set and a series of smoke dampers and grille sets that provide a free area of 0.6m2 (the smoke shaft/ducting itself also having a footprint of 0.6m2). Zone control units are networked and include fire officer over-ride switches and smoke detectors (or an interface connection from the landlord’s fire alarm system).

In some cases, pressure sensing is also utilised to reduce fans speed during means of escape mode and to allow occupants to escape without the exit doors being difficult to open.

Suitable for a wide range of buildings

Pre-designed systems and products that ensure code-compliant solutions using CE certified equipment.

VentGuard mechanical smoke ventilation systems are designed/installed in accordance with the relevant sections of the SCA guide, Approved Document B, BS7346-8, BS9991, BS9999, EN12101-2, EN12101-3, EN12101-8, EN12101-10, ISO21927-9.

VentGuard smoke control and ventilation systems

VentGuard systems offer developers, architects, contractors and consultants access to the very latest smoke control and ventilation innovations, components and control systems.

By remaining 'manufacturer agnostic' we combine the most suitable technologies that are the best option for each individual project in ways that optimise every single aspect of technical performance. This results in our turnkey packages delivering the highest levels of safety across all elements of every system.

VentGuard Systems

Championing rigorous compliance

If a smoke protection or ventilation system isn’t fully compliance tested, then it isn’t safe. Customers trust us to navigate a complex regulatory landscape. We are committed to ensuring that every product and system not only meets but exceeds the industry’s regulatory standards. We are dedicated to providing solutions that are consistently reliable, thoroughly tested, and designed to align with the latest safety regulations and best practices.


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