Harnessing innovative thinking and technologies to elevate safety standards

Offering a full turnkey service, from concept design to installation and commissioning of highly compliant smoke control and ventilation systems, VentGuard gives developers, architects, contractors and consultants access to the very latest thinking, design ideas, components and control systems.

Our way of working is based on shared information and open protocols. With no allegiances to any single equipment manufacturer, we build our smoke ventilation systems around the technologies that are most appropriate to your needs and your building’s design.

How we work across the value chain

A complete smoke ventilation portfolio and range of technical services

VentGuard services cover every aspect of smoke ventilation – design, supply, project management, installation, commissioning, service and maintenance.

  • Design

    VentGuard provide a complete design service geared to developing a smoke ventilation system that’s exactly right for your particular project. Our design team is fluent in the latest CAD systems and independent CFD modelling.

    Our preferred way of working is to involve our designers at the early stages of a project. This way we ensure the building footprint is correct. We also frequently put forward upfront designs to aid developers and consultants involved with tricky concepts.

    Our designers work to all relevant standards and strictly adhere to SCA Guidance Notes. They combine meticulous attention to detail with a level of technical expertise that allows them to find solutions to even the most demanding challenges.

  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD)

    Drawing on Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) before any building design or construction work has been finalised allows us to determine the safest option for a particular development. CFD allows us to make sure that all possible fire scenarios are covered by a proposed system, ensuring the highest standards of fire safety are met.

  • Project management

    All VentGuard project management is handled by our in-house specialists. To ensure that projects stay on schedule and run smoothly, our managers have a direct link to the sales process, which means they always see the wider picture. This helps them to make better, more informed decisions. Whilst hiccups along the way are inevitable, our way of working means they are sorted out before they turn into major problems.

  • Installation

    Over the past ten years we have installed a huge range of projects for clients throughout the construction industry.

    During this period we have built up a reputation for installation services that are second to none. VentGuard systems are installed using our own in-house team of engineers. Our strict policy is not to sub-contract, which gives us complete control over all of our work. This policy is as strong today as it was in 2008.

    Our in-house supervisors are all NICEIC, SMSTS and SSSTS approved and have experience of working on all stages of the construction lifecycle.

  • Commissioning

    Commissioning is a critical part of any project. It means delivering the right outcomes at the right cost – which is another way of saying value for money.

    We are thoroughly familiar with Operations and Maintenance manuals, smoke testing and compliance testing to all relevant standards. At all times we ensure that testing procedures and commissioning processes align with overall project timings – mis-alignment can be costly!

  • Maintenance

    Safety underpins the entire VentGuard approach, which is why all service and maintenance work is carried out by our own engineers – specialists with crucial knowledge and understanding of how our systems perform and work. Anything less than a 100% grasp of what’s what is not an option – ever.

    You can read more about our service and maintenance approach below.

  • Post-completion client training

    The importance of educating building professionals about fire safety is in our company’s DNA.

    For many clients we run an extended training programme after we have finished a project to fully familiarise all members of the building management team with the various aspects of our systems and technologies. These programmes ensure that everybody is as prepared as possible should an emergency occur.

    Training for the whole team is not obligatory but we do recommend that it takes place. The importance of fire-safety awareness cannot be over-stated.

Leveraging advanced modelling to improve safety and profitability

Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modelling is an advanced simulation that enables our designers and engineers to visualise and predict the behaviour of smoke and fire, ensuring that your ventilation system is not just compliant with standards, but is optimised for real-world scenarios.

By leveraging CFD modelling, NSP empowers you to create safer, more resilient environments. This insight minimises risks and enhances the efficiency of smoke control solutions, aligning with our commitment to safeguarding communities and promoting environmental sustainability through smarter, more effective design strategies.

Building confidence through compliance

One of our core values is "We don't compromise on compliance". We assure compliance, emphasising a high level of expertise and professionalism.

It reflects a deep commitment to ensuring that all VentGuard equipment is compliant with all relevant EN standards and is CE marked. We don't just meet the industry’s regulatory standards, we exceed them. We are dedicated to providing solutions that are consistently reliable, thoroughly tested, and designed to align with the latest safety regulations and best practices.

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VentGuard service & maintenance

Proactive service and maintenance programmes that guarantee your building's ventilation and smoke control systems operate reliably and efficiently, and in full compliance with the latest safety regulations.

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